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No matter how wealthy you are, keeping on top of your finances can be a major headache. Having sufficient funds to do what you want, when you want requires careful planning and a high degree of expertise across a wide range of areas.

Managing finances might simply involve a review of where and what you currently spend your money on and how much you will need in the future but it can also mean investigating where and how your money is invested and the risks you are taking.  It can also involve looking at what happens if you or your partner die prematurely, suffer a serious illness or if one of you loses your job.

In the event of a breakdown of a relationship, it can also involve assessing which assets to keep or let go as part of a financial settlement and then helping to repair your financial future.

At Anders Bayley Scott LTD, we recognise that clients are individuals so we take the time to find out about your current financial position and your various goals. That means finding out about your existing plans, investments and commitments, your personal outlook and career plans and, of course, your attitudes to risk and tax.  Only then will we give considered advice on how best to structure your affairs, tax efficiently and from your perspective.

It is an interactive impartial process that takes longer but is worth the wait, taking away the worries of investing and providing peace of mind to you. Our advisers are qualified to a level far above that required by our regulator, are committed to maintaining that edge and, by adopting this process, we aim to preserve our reputation as a trusted advisor.

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